Gran Corte

Expressive, powerful and structured.



This partnership between the two families, as well as their common desire to produce an outstanding Argentine wine, gave birth to Flechas de los Andes Gran Corte, a fine blend made mostly of Malbec.


The typical Malbec from Argentina marks its identity wih its aromas of violet and prunes. Malbec is a very intense wine and it is Cabernet-Franc who brings elegance and subtlety with very soft tannins and rose aromas. All these components provide the complexity and elegance wich are necesary for a great wine.


Drink with grilled meat, and French cheese.

China: Stirred Fried
Black Pepper beef

Meat Tapanyaki

Korea: Beef Bulgogi with lesser sugar and Honey (Beef dish)

Bright with a slight opalescent hue, as well as ruby ​​and tile reflections.

Clean, intense and delicate aromas, with evident evolution notes. There is oak, leather, and scented dried spices. Also some raisins and moist soil; all given by the aging process.

It maintains a very good freshness and a consistent mid palate. Chewy textures highlight the liqueur-like hints, with touches of black smoke and moist soil.  Persistent finish with notes of aging, leather and carpentry.

Note: Although this wine surprises by the cleanliness of its expressions, it will no longer gain more attributes with aging. It can still be kept for 3 to 4 years. Uncork between 2021 and 2025

Bright and deep, with a ruby ​​hue.

Clean and delicate aromas that refer to black fruits and moist soil. There are not many evolution notes, but there is a true delicacy in the expression.

On the palate the wine is fluid, fresh and not very concentrated. Incipient tannins, ripe fruit, spices and some smoke. Very honest and voluptuous with liquorice and spices. Very good grip and even some tension with smoky hints through the persistent finish.

Note: Although this vintage’s best moment has past, this wine can continue to evolve and gain more elegance. Drink now through 2028.

Deep ruby with slight opalescence.

Clean and slightly intense aromas, with a subtle delicate herbal and black fruit hint. Some moist soil and not many evolution notes.

Fluid palate without revealing too much. A natural evolution yet still maintaining good fruit.  A sustained acidity that highlights the tannins. Medium body and a finish that combines evolution and fruit.

Note: Although it took time to open, it did not show the consistency to continue evolving favourably with aging. It can still be kept for a couple of years. Uncork between 2021 and 2023.

Deep and bright ruby ​​colour.

Balanced aromas with notes of black fruits and spices. There is a certain maturity of the wine, but without a marked evolution.

Fluid palate, honest and fresh palate with incipient and lively tannins. Good ripe fruit and spicy hints. Full-bodied and rich mid palate, with incipient tannins and a persistent finish, lightly smoked.

Note: This wine has more life ahead of it; it just has to keep the balance and over the years it will develop more complexity. Uncork or store until 2025.

Deep ruby ​, bright and with good concentration.

Clean and slightly intense aromas, delicate, with some black fruits and subtle lactic hints typical of aging in new barrels. Some incense and tobacco notes.

Fleshy and with a good grip provided by incipient tannins. Fluid and consistent palate, powerful and fresh. Fine but firm tannins, with slight herbal hints. Persistent finish, black fruit and the soft smoked notes from the aging process stand out.

Note: This ten-year-old wine is still alive and has good potential since the evolution has not started yet, it will continue this constant path and develop more complexity. Uncork or store until 2026.



Deep bright ruby​ colour with good concentration.

Clean and delicate aromas, yet not very expressive. Slight fruity hints of very subtle black fruits.

Good volume and freshness on the palate, with grip and slight herbal hints, with notes of black fruits. Smooth and consistent, with lively textures and hints of liquor that linger throughout the finish.

Note: Although it is not very complex, this wine shows a great balance and has a good aging potential. Uncork or store until 2027.


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Deep bright ruby ​​colour, with very good concentration.

Clean and delicate aromas, with slight hints of ripe fruit, some raisins, smoke and liquor.

Good volume and freshness, with a fine and taut grip, well supported by the tannins and with slight hints of evolution.

Note: Evidently this is a wine with good potential, but more for textures than for expressions that already show tertiary notes, typical of evolution. Uncork or store until 2027.

Bright opaque ruby colour and somewhat concentrated.

Clean aromas, not very expressive, with slight fruity and lactic hints.

Good volume and freshness, with a certain concentration. Compact and fruity in character, with lactic hints and firm but friendly textures that provide persistence. Noticeable change in the wine character.

Note: Needs time in the glass to open well, with good potential for textures and power, although it still presents compact expressions. Uncork or store until 2029.

Bright opaque ruby colour with violet reflections.

Clean and compact aromas, delicate and not very expressive, with slight hints of fruit and smoke and with notes of recent aging.

Good volume and freshness, consistent and honest palate. Compact with structure and good character, fine but firm tannins. 

Still young and fresh, with a consistent and fluid drink.
Note: Very in line with the 2014 vintage, it has very good potential, due to textures and power, although it is still compact in its expressions. Uncork or store until 203.



Deep bright ruby and concentrated colour, with violet reflections.

Clean and compact aromas, delicate, with slight hints of black fruits, dried herbs and a touch of smoke.

Good volume and freshness, fluid but compact in its expressions. The attack has expression and grip, but is still vibrant. Young wine, with sustained freshness and a very spiced character that adds a certain depth to the finish.

Note: Young and with good potential, but needs time to gain consistency and harmony in its passage through the mouth. Uncork between 2021 and 2027.