Flavourful, intense and fruity.



This partnership between the two families, as well as their common desire to produce an outstanding Argentine wine, gave birth to Flechas de los Andes Gran Malbec, a fine wine made of Malbec.


The color is intense with violet tones, typical of this variety. The nose is expressive, dominated by fruity aromas of plums and cherries and violet floral aromas characteristic of Malbec from Uco. In the mouth the attack is round with fine, polished and dense tannins that give a magnificent center of mouth. The mineral character, the freshness, the subtle contribution of the oak and its long finish, make this wine an example of quality, elegance and excellence.


Meat grilled or with souce

Chocolate Dessert

A cheese plate

Colour: Deep and intense red with delicate ruby ​​hues

Nose: Intense, complex and harmonious with a predominance of ripe red fruit, a concentration of strawberry and blackberry jam. Notes of tobacco and vanilla are supported by the aromas of fruit and spices. 

Mouth: Soft at the beginning then powerful with good structure, medium body and a crisp level of acidity. Lots of concentrated red and black fruit such as blueberry and prune. Slightly marked tannins with a bit of a drying touch.

Finish: Medium to long persistence. A complex and powerful wine with very good concentration and a rich aromatic palate.


Colour: Deep, vibrant garnet.

Nose: Intense, complex, very harmonious and spiced.  Plenty of concentrated fruit, predominantly black prune. A delicate mineral characteristic from the terroir. The fully integrated oak adds complexity with vanilla and toasted notes.

Mouth: Starts smooth in the mouth and then develops into a rich range of aromas such as overripe red and black fruit, jam and spiced notes. A good and very well balanced acidity, gives a great freshness. Round body, high concentration with good unctuousness and perfectly assembled silky tannins.

Finish: Long, complex, elegant and harmonious.

100% Malbec
From this year onwards, a fresher and fruitier style of wine was created using less oak. The objective was to allow a better expression of the terroir.

Colour: Vibrant, deep red with a purple rim.

Nose: Delicate yet complex. Full of fruit and spicy pepper notes, as well as a delicate floral iris note and an undertone of a terroir driven minerality. The subtle oak aromas are perfectly integrated.

Mouth: Smooth on entry with medium body and a well, balanced acidity. Structured and harmonious tannins. Intense notes of fresh fruit and spices such as pink pepper or the local “aguaribay” tree, which provides its characteristic resinous touch.

Finish: Long, complex, harmonious and elegant finish, with a marked minerality and subtle oak.

Colour: Vibrant deep red.

Nose: Intense, complex and fruity. Aromas that stand out are black plum, blackberry and cherry. Very spiced, with a black pepper perfume. Intense and marked mineral note. The delicate and fully integrated oak contributes to the complexity.

Mouth: Smooth attack with a good balance of acidity that gives an abundant freshness. Red fruit notes such as plum and cherry dominate, there are also dark fruit notes such as blackberry and a blueberry sweetness. Good structure, round and medium bodied.

Finish: Long persistence, slightly alcoholic, with the typical sweetness of Malbec, good freshness. A wine with good aging potential, complex and well balanced.