The wines produced by Flechas de los Andes follow the concept of “Wine Estate”, since we produce our wines from one single vineyard, located at the same site where the winery is.

Our vineyard was planted in 1999 with almost 102 hectares and 48 parcels.

Density per hectares is 5.500 plants where the yield per ha. is between 5,5 and 7,5 tons.

Plants are carefully treated in each stage of its development through the four different seasons, therefore we can see a consistent quality along the time and future wines expressing the purity of the terroir.

Our viticulture is precise and sustainable with natural practices which respect the environment. We use all different resources to guarantee high quality standard in our grapes.

The vines are conducted through Guyot and irrigates by a dripping system which avoid wasting water in a semi desert climate area where the water is restricted.

Harvest and vinification are traditional, respecting the purity of the grapes. Therefore we harvest manually, transporting the grapes on small containers to the fermentation vats moving by gravity.



Located 120 kilometres south of Mendoza City, between a latitude of 33.3°S and 33.8°S, the Uco Valley is situated in the most important of Mendoza’s five wine producing regions, and it is the most important area to produce high quality wines. Over 25,000 hectares are devoted to vineyards, producing essentially red varieties and, more specifically, malbec, the king of grapes.

Irrigated by the Tunuyán, Las Tunas and Yaucha rivers, the Uco Valley is a productive oasis that lies at the foothills of the Andes mountains, whose summits reach 6000 metres and form a natural barrier against the humid winds off the Pacific Ocean. This, and the 1000Km of distance to the Atlantic, creates a continental viticulture. Due to the dry, semi-arid
continental climate, 250 days of intense sunlight per year, a diurnal temperature variation of around 15 degrees, very distinct seasons, soil from alluvial origin with gravel and stones, irrigated by melting snow, and thaw of glaciers, the Uco Valley produces highly concentrated wines with an elegant tannic structure, intense aromas, flavours and colour, and sufficient acidity to ensure freshness and excellent ageing potential.

It is in this privileged and spectacular retreat, and more specifically at Vista Flores – a sub-region of the Uco Valley, today renowned worldwide for the quality of its premium wines – that Flechas de Los Andes has set down roots on 102 hectares located at 1100 metres of altitude. A unique environment, ideal for producing great wines.

Our continental site is located at 1100 mts over the sea level. Thermal amplitude between day and night is one of the main character producing a great expression Malbec grapes with deep color and a lot of freshness. Part of the Terroir is the manpower intervention, an essential part of the process of making wine.

There is an important fluency in knowledge interchange between winemakers from different producing countries like France, Spain, Australia, which keep out technicians updated without losing our Argentine identity.

The vineyard is located at the foothill of the Andes. The soil is alluvial and it is the result of different mineral material moving down along the time through the mountains.

Due to this factor, the soil composition is made out of different rocks, sand and clay all over.   Soil is very mineral and very poor of organic material, but rich enough for the grape development.