Pablo grew up in a winemakers family from the Mendoza region in Argentina. After an incredible career, his family now owns the prestigious Richardi, Fazzio & Menegazzo Estate.
Born in 1978, Pablo graduated with a diploma in oenology from the University of Don Bosco in 2003. He was then successively enologist at Bodega Salentein and then head technical director at Bodega Poesia, before taking on the duties of director at Flechas de Los Andes in 2004.

Curious and open-minded, Pablo has experience at several large Bordeaux estates including Château Cos l’Eglise in Pomerol, Château Dassault in Saint-Emilion, Château Clarke in Listrac, and has even made a detour around Napa Valley at the Quintessa Estate.

«Flechas de Los Andes is an exceptional terroir, a «bodega boutique» whose excellent production has a resolutely unique style,» explains Pablo Richardi. Here at Vista Flores, we are proud to reveal the most authentic expression of Argentine malbec. We sublimate its intense aromatic palette in our Grand Vin monocépage Gran Malbec.

Combined with the velvety syrah and the elegance of cabernet franc, we transcend it in our great blend wine Gran Corte».

The Argentinian Emblem


Born in Cahors (France) and introduced in Argentina by French agronomist Michel Aimé Pouget in 1852, the malbec grape flourished in the country – today the world’s leading producer – to become the country’s prominent grape variety.
Argentina celebrates its “emblem” every year on the 17th of April with «Malbec World Day». It is thanks to this variety, in a continental viticulture, very rare around the world, with its plush velvety texture and intense colours, that Argentina, today ranked the 5th leading producer of wine, has forged a reputation for excellence throughout the world. Malbec adapts in a perfect way to express different aromas and flavours.
The Tupungato, Tunuyán and San Carlos areas produce the most elegant malbec varietals, with distinctive floral and spice notes, mainly violet which is characteristic of malbec, like those of Flechas de Los Andes where malbec grapes cover 64 hectares, a little over 60% of the vineyard.


Benjamin de Rothschild and Laurent Dassault have, however, also planted traditional Bordeaux varieties, in higher proportions than the average Argentinian vineyard: 13 hectares of cabernet sauvignon, 8 hectares of merlot and cabernet franc, and 2 hectares of petit verdot. The syrah variety completes the vineyard’s planting with 13 hectares.

It is a variety adapted to arid terroirs. Planted with 5500 vine stocks per hectare, an unusually high density for the country, the stocks are covered with grass and drip irrigated. The soil of stones and gravel, from alluvial origin, lends a mineral quality to the wines.

Perfectionism and sustained vineyard management aim at a dual object of producing quality wines while respecting the environment.

Production volumes are intentionally low so as to obtain greater concentration in the berries.